Chris’s Letters : One


I’m excited today to finally write about my last first letter! It’s been months and I was honestly only days away from contacting Child Fund but I finally received a letter from Chris who I started to sponsor back in February!

The letter was short and sweet. It was written by his father and he welcomed me to the family. He stated that they received the letter I sent to Chris and that he was writing to me since Chris is still too young to write himself. He told me that Chris’ twin is a boy. (Good to know in the future.) and that he enjoys football (soccer to us Americans) and math.

Also, this absolutely breaks my heart to write about but there was a BIG misunderstanding in my first letter. I’ve put together the similar first letters for all six of my children so it was a big surprise to see this happen. Apparently, he took my “What is your favorite color?” question as “What color are you?” I felt/still feel absolutely mortified by this. All of my other children and their families didn’t have difficulty with this question but something happened with the translation for Chris’s father, Atanasi. I would never want them to think I care about such a trivial thing. He didn’t seem mad or upset that I asked in the letter but either way, I am. Luckily (?) I am bi-racial myself so hopefully they took less offense to the question than they would have if I was not. Either way, race is something that is not important to me and I would never want my sponsor children thinking I care about theirs! Ugh, anyways… this letter was super exciting to get but unfortunately took a turn for the worse at the end…

Mike’s Letters : Three


Aww, I’m slowly rounding up the end of my letters. The letter above is from Mike, well his father. It’s always interesting to get these letters because, in the past, I only wrote to my sponsor children or their mothers so it’s interesting to talk to the fathers instead.

Deo, his father, thanks me for the most recent letter I sent and says that Mike is doing well in school and at the top of his class. He then finishes the letter by saying the Mike loves me a lot which is super sweet. Overall, it’s a short but sweet letter which is all a sponsor can ask for!

Ingrid’s Letters : Four


Today I’m finishing up my girls’ letters with my most recent letter from Ingrid! Like Veasna, her letters are typically pretty short and simple seeing the language difference. This letter she mentions that she received my most recent package (I always like hearing this) and that her baby brother was finally born! She also mentions that he’s tiny and they took a lot of photos of him. Sadly, I still have yet to get any photos from her. I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or if it depends on the country but I have received letters with photos from all of my children in Uganda but neither Ingrid or Veasna (both from other parts of the world) have sent me any photos.

Anyways, she finishes the letter off by telling me that she will be taking some summer courses to learn how to swim (how cute) and ends the letter with a “big hug and much love”. She’s definitely a sweetie and I’m looking forward to getting to know her. She actually just had a birthday last week but is still my youngest girl. Sometimes it’s a challenge with younger sponsor children but it’s also great. It just means that I’ll have more time to get to know them and be there for them while they are growing up which is great!

Beth’s Letters : Six


Today’s letter is from Beth. She is the sweetest little girl – ever. Although she is one of my newer sponsor children, I definitely think I’m closest to her. She has always been so personal from the beginning and loves to not only share with me but learn about me as well.


She mentions in this letter that she’s been a little sick but has medicine so she’ll get better. (This scared/still scares me). She also mentions that it’s been sunny and that she’s been playing a lot. In addition to this, she mentions getting my last letter and how she plans to put the stickers around the house and also on her exercise books. Lastly, she says that I was beautiful when I was little (I sent her a photo of me fishing when I was a little kid) and says she loves me.

Such a sweet little girl! Like I said before, she’s always been extremely loving and caring from the beginning. I seriously could not ask for a more caring sponsor child. She is the one child I always struggle with when I send letters. I always worry that she won’t understand how much I appreciate her kindness and I try to reinforce that she is such an amazing person. I know when kids are little (no matter where they are from) the outside world can break them and turn them into something else, especially if they are in hard situations. I just hope that nothing ever changes Beth and her kind little heart!

Ann’s Letters : Sixteen


Wow, sixteen letters! I just can’t believe it! Ann’s letters are always special to me seeing that she was the first child I ever sponsored two years ago! In this letter she mentions that she is doing well in school and is in the fourth grade. She mentions that she liked the letter I sent her and then ends with the thing that always kills me most in her letters… “your daughter”.

Being one of the children I am closest to, it always gets to me when she writes “your daughter”. She is such an unbelievably loving child and I am so happy I have been able to create such a wonderful relationship with her over the past two years. I am looking forward to our future letters and can not wait to see her grow up in to an amazing person!

Veasna’s Letters : Six


My most recent letter from Veasna was from August. Although it was written in August, I received it just a few weeks ago since I moved. It’s always great hearing from her and I was super excited when I started getting letters delivered to my new house (there was comfort in knowing that Child Fund’s change of address went through – fast!). Anyways, in this letter she thanks me for the most recent letter I sent her with stickers, paper and photos and she mentions how she really likes the stickers. She also mentions that she will soon be going into 6th grade and that her favorite subject is arithmetic.

Like always, a great letter from a great little girl! I’m really looking forward to putting together her holiday letter. She doesn’t celebrate Christmas like my other children but I still send her a holiday/winter themed letter around the same time!

Rafiki Mwema


With everything crazy going on lately with moving and computer issues I almost forgot to write about Rafiki Mwema. Earlier this year, I ran into Rafiki Mwema through IG and fell in love with everything they do! Since I already have six sponsor children, sponsoring another child wasn’t an option for me. So, I didn’t think much about it… a little later I read about how they would love to receive letters/gifts for the girls and I knew this was something I would love to do! Putting together my child’s letters is so much fun and I knew I would love to share some of the things I love sending to my sponsor children with the girls at Rafiki Mwema.

Above is a photo of what I ended up sending. I included stickers, some confetti, coloring pages (about 25 for all of the girls and some extra), some cut out butterflies and a beach ball. I debated on the beach ball but I made it flat enough and decided to give it a go! I typically try to make a rule of anything I can make flat I’ll ship… it worked! After a few months of waiting/hoping they got their presents, they made an update on their Facebook and I spotted some of my coloring pages and stickers! What a relief! Anyways, take some time this afternoon and check out their site. It’s such an amazing community!