Ann’s Birthday Letter 2015


It’s blog catch up time again! It seems like time really does fly when it comes to writing to all 10 of the kids! I have a ton of posts to update about letters I’ve sent this year and a few new letters from the little ones as well! So, definitely keep checking in within the next few weeks for the updates!

To start off the updates today, I have a letter I sent to Ann Grace awhile back for her birthday in April. Since she’s getting a little older I have been trying to adjust my letters to become a little more mature. Veasna, Curlan and Ann are my oldest kids and I’m attempting to get use to the change in letter writing.

Anyways, for her birthday I decided to stay away from an excess of stickers and confetti this year. I included a fox card (which also turned into a paper animal stand),  balloons (of course), some coloring pages, stickers and a paper doll that I made for her. I’ve been thinking about sending paper dolls to the girls for a while now and decided that they would make  good birthday gifts. I included a few outfits and shoes for them as well.

Ann’ s Letters : 20


I got my 20th (wow) letter from Ann a few weeks ago! It was her yearly progress report which means a new photo! Overall a great report. It mentions that she enjoys playing dodge ball, is in fourth grade, English is her favorite subject and her best friend is Acanit Catherine. How cute! It also mentions that her favorite fruit is Jack fruit which I had never heard of before. I looked it up online and it seems pretty interesting! It’s definitely a pretty odd looking fruit but definitely something I wouldn’t mind trying!

Other than the general information, it also mentions that she lives with her mother (No word on anyone else…), she fetches water, sweeps to help around the house and she was able to get medical examinations, books pens and seeds with her sponsorship money. Lastly, she mentions that she wants to be a doctor (what a cutie) and wished me a Happy New Year. Seriously, I could not be more proud of her. She may not be my oldest sponsor child but she is the little one who started my journey as a sponsor and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to help her and her mother!

Esther’s Letters : 1


Esther’s letter is up today! I was super excited to get another first letter within a two week span. This letter was from Otim Sam, Esther’s brother. He mentions that they are from Eastern Uganda and Iteso in tribe. Which is the same as most of my other sponsor children in Uganda. He also mentions that they depend on small scale farming for both food and income. Overall, it was great to hear from him. It’s always great hearing from mothers and fathers but siblings are really wonderful as well. I wrote to Beth’s brother and cousin previously so it was great to hear from another sibling again!

Ruth’s Letters : 1


First letters are always some of my favorite! It’s always great to know that the family has received word of their sponsorship and to get to know the family! Ruth’s father, Joseph, wrote the first letter and let me know that she is the youngest of two biological children but they also take care of other family members as well. (Which is very common from what I have read.) He also states they are Iteso by tribe (similar to some of my other children) and live in Eastern Uganda. He also mentions that they are small scale farmers. Overall, I great first letter! I love that I not only got to hear from them but got to meet the whole family and get a photo as well!

Photo Details :
Front left to right : Amuge Sarah (Cousin), Ruth, Olinga Emmanuel (Brother), Opio Anthoney (Cousin)
Back left to right : Aleper Naume (Mother), Adungo Joseph (Father)

The New Kids on the Blog

As I’ve hinted the last few entries, I have a couple of new sponsor children. (Okay, I’ve actually had them for a few months now but I have been horrible about updating my blog…) I’m not sure how exactly that happened but yea… I gave in! But look at these faces!!!


The oldest of the new kids is Curlan who is 10 going on 11 this year making him around the same age as Ann and Veasna. He’s from Dominica. Not the Dominican Republic but Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean. Oddly enough, only a month after I started sponsoring him I met someone while at work who lived on the island for a couple of years. What a small world! I haven’t received my first letter from him yet but have sent a letter to him and all of the other children. Also, how freaking adorable is he in his little dress shirt!!!


This is Prisca! Her and the other three new girls that I started sponsoring are only months apart in age. Like the other two girls, Prisca is from Uganda. Overall, I tend to sponsor in one country (minus a few exceptions) so in the case that I do get an opportunity to visit my sponsor children some day I will be able to without having to travel the whole world.


Second youngest overall now is Ruth. This little one caught my eye having my grandmother’s name and my mother’s birthday… I knew I had to sponsor her. I have received one letter from her so far which I’ll be updating on soon!


Last but not least I have Pen or Esther as most of her paperwork now says. (Seriously Child Fund is really slacking on their paperwork skills lately and it’s very aggravating.) Anyways, this cutie is my youngest now and I’ve been luckily enough to also receive a letter from her which I’ll be writing about soon!

Mike’s Letters : 6 [Updated 7/3/15]


My last “letter” from Mike is actually his yearly progress report. I was super excited to get this since I get a photo but have since been pretty disappointed. More on that later… Anyways, the report was great! It mentions that he is 5, enjoys passion fruit (good choice little man!) and his favorite subject is English. It also mentions he helps with moping around the house and wants to be an engineer when he’s older. This little guy is pretty awesome and I am so happy and proud to be his sponsor.

Now, for the disappointing part. I’m about 99% sure that Child Fund sent me the wrong photo. At first, I was excited about the new photo but then realized… it wasn’t him! The child in the photo resembles Chris… but not Mike – at all. I instantly got confused on who sent the letter. Upon taking the time, I got my last photo from Mike and this new photo and put them side by side and… well… I’m not crazy, right?! Definitely not the same child…


So, I contacted Child Fund about the strange photo situation and I was right. The cutie that was in the photo that I received was not my Mike! Luckily, they were able to get things all figured out and they sent over a photo for Mike for me!

magala on right hand with his brother

Mike’s Letters : 5


My next letter form Mike (his mother this time – Namala Nalariya (probably destroyed the spelling but I tried)) was from this past March. She let me know that he is healthy and doing well in school. She also mentions that he received his birthday letter. She then goes on to talk about how it is their gardening season and they are having a drought. Overall, it was short and sweet but nice hearing from her since I heard from his father previously. They seem to switch back and forth which I really enjoy!