Mike’s Letters : Two


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I thought I’d make a quick post about my most recent letter from Mike, well his father! Anyways, the letter is from early June and states that they received my first letter to them. He mentions again that Mike is too young to write back himself. He says that he is doing well in school and in good health. To finish off the letter, Mike drew a little picture for me… with tin cans and a cat cup? I’m not sure exactly what it is but it’s adorable either way! Boy, I love my little ones!!

Beth’s Letters : Five


Today I thought I’d share my most recent letter from Beth! She was all about the drawings for this letter which was too cute. Seriously, I love the drawings they always send me. Her letter stated that she liked her most recent letter from me. She also thanks me for the comment about how well she writes English. (She really does for her age. It’s amazing!) She also says that her family sends greeting and ends the letter with an “I love you” and “Your Child, Elizabeth”. Seriously, I don’t think this little girl will ever understand what a little sweetheart she is! I can never express it enough in my letters to her!

Ingrid’s Letters : Three


So many letters to write about and so little time! But I love it…

I received a new letter from Ingrid and her mother, Maria, a few weeks ago with this sweet little drawing on it! I think it’s such an honor and absolutely adorable when the children and their families welcome me into their families. Anyways, the letter was about how she received my first letter and how her little brother hadn’t been born yet (this was in April – yes, her letters take a long time to get here). Maria also told me that Ingrid likes Math (seriously almost all my kids do!), wants to be a doctor when she gets older and she loves dolls and the color pink. It was a short but adorable little letter! I’m hoping the next letter from them will have good news about a new little boy!

Letters : Spring into Summer


As I mentioned in my last post, it’s July already?! I don’t know about you but this seems crazy to me! I feel like I was just celebrating the end of winter and now summer is well on its way to being over. With this realization a week ago, I also realized I needed to get out my spring (now summer) letters out to the kids! I was trying to hold out until I got letters from them again but I didn’t want to wait any longer.

Since I try to keep most of the letters similar, I went with an overall spring/bird theme. I had originally considered more bird items with some information about a Cardinals’ nest I found in my backyard but the Cardinal family laid eggs, hatched and were gone before I got a chance to even see the babies… they weren’t messing around! I decided to keep with the bird/flower theme though. The photos above are what I sent to each of the kids. Here’s some additional information.

Ingrid (and her mother Maria) : Flower and bird postcards*, foam stickers, butterfly stickers, bird and flower coloring cut outs, a personalized letter in reply to their most recent letter.

Veasna : I included the same items as Ingrid’s letter but with different photos of flowers and birds. She also had a letter in reply to her most recent letter.

Ann Grace : Like the two previous girls, I went with the same items and a reply to this letter.

Beth : Not only did Beth get similar items like the other girls, she also got a little more. She mentioned in her last letter about her father fishing and asked if I like fish. I’m a vegetarian but I decided to do a spin off of her question anyways (and avoid the whole vegetarian question for the time being). I use to go fishing with my parents and Grama when I was little so I went digging into my old photos and found a photo just for her.


Chris : This little guy’s birthday is coming up in August so this would be the last time I could send a letter in time for his big day! I included similar items that the girls got : flower and bird photos, bird stickers, smiley stickers and a bird to color. I also included a paper crown with the number 6 on it and a few balloons as well. At this point I still had not heard from him so I went with a general letter. (I also forgot he has a twin which I feel horrible about now! I would have sent two items! Definitely keeping a reminder for this next year!!)

Mike : Last, but not least, I had my letter to my other little guy. I included the basic items for him as well with my first reply to his father, Deo.

Well, there you have it! My spring into summer letters for the kids this year! It’s always so nerve wrecking to send the letters and hope they get there safe and the kids enjoy them!

* I found boxes of old postcards at a rummage sale earlier this spring and stocked up! I got a ton of birds and flowers for these letters but a great selection of other animals for future letters as well!

Ann’s Letters : Fifteen


First off, can you believe it’s July already? I can’t! Letters have been coming/going like crazy the last two weeks and I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog now! It’s funny how things are quiet for weeks and then out of no where there’s letters almost every day! I love it though!

One the first letters to arrive was a few weeks ago. (Life has been crazy so I haven’t been able to post until now.) Anyways, it was from Ann again! My sweet, little (well not so much anymore) Ann! She was just sending a quick hello to let me know that her end of term break was going on and she was home for a little while. She also let me know that she got her birthday card this year! It’s always such a relief when I get letters saying that they got my letters. With mail being so unreliable in the U.S. alone, it’s hard to even imagine all the travel these little letters go through before they reach the kids or myself! It doesn’t help that I have a new fear of mail since I recently had a package just disappear thanks to the good ol’ USPS… anyways, I won’t even get started on that!

Well, that’s all I have for an update on Ann for now! I’ve received letters from four of the other kids and sent out letters to all of them as well so I’ll be updating on all of that soon!

Ann’s Letters : Fourteen


It’s funny… I can’t believe that I’ve only gotten fourteen letters from Ann. While writing the title for this post it really hit me. It seems like we’ve talked so much over the past two years. It’s amazing how with just fourteen letters I’ve gotten to know this amazing little girl. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it’s always nice to get Uganda letters because I’m never really sure who it’s from (since I have four little ones in Uganda). I was happy to see it was Ann though. I’ve heard a lot from Beth lately (which has been adorable), received my letter from Mike as well, and have yet to hear from Chris (which is starting to concern me seeing I’ve never had to wait this long to hear from any of my kids in Uganda). Anyways, Ann updated me on school and how she received her aquarium letter! I was so happy to hear that it made it there! It was definitely one that worried me seeing that it was bulky and not the traditional, discreet letter I try to send. That was pretty much the majority of the letter. She once again called herself my “daughter” which makes me beyond happy and proud to be considered her sponsor mom. I can’t even start to express how amazing all of my sponsor children are.

Veasna’s Letters : Two


Today I thought I’d make a quick post about a letter I recently received from Veasna! I was pretty surprised when I got this letter seeing how long it took to receive her first letter. It was great to hear from her again and I was so happy to know that she received her first package. She mentions that she is just getting off a short break from school for Khmer New Year festival, which is her favorite holiday. This is great information seeing that I don’t know much about her culture and really want to learn as much as possible so I can really tailor my letters to her. She also mentions that her favorite color is red and that her favorite subject in school is Khmer and she wants to be a Medical Worker when she grows up. Over all, it was a cute little reply to the letter I sent her and I was happy to hear that everything made it across the world for her!