Mike’s Birthday Letter


My most recent letter that I sent out was for Mike! Most of my sponsor children have birthdays in the beginning of the year so you’ll be seeing a lot of birthday letter posts in the next couple months. The first birthday of the year is little Mike! I’m still finding it to be a challenge to write to my boys. The girls I add glitter, confetti, cute stickers with a crown and they’re ready to go… the boys are a little bigger challenge. Also, I feel that since both of my boys are younger (Chris just started writing letters himself but Mike’s father still writes his) that it’s a little more challenging since I haven’t gotten to know them very well.

Either way, I put together a little something for my youngest little guy! I included some stickers, coloring pages and balloons! Hopefully it’ll arrive on time and my little guy will have one awesome 6th birthday!

Ingrid’s Letters : Six


My most recent letter from Ingrid was in response to her birthday letter. As always, I was excited to hear that she got her package! She also mentions that she is back in school and has a new teacher. I did find it cute though that she mentions that her dad said that she can celebrate her birthday with school friends if she keeps her grades up! It’s great to hear that she has that motivation in her life as a little girl! I really hope that not only her dad but mom are both positive influences for her and her education and help her really grow into a wonderful person!

Ingrid’s Letters : Five


As promised, here is the first letter I received recently from Ingrid. It was extremely short but to the point. She told me that at that point she was on summer vacation and that she had received my most recent letter. It seems like such a minor thing but I always love hearing that they got their letters. It’s always a complete uproar when I go into the post office to send a letter. I seriously don’t think half of the clerks have a clue where Uganda, Cambodia or Ecuador are when I give them the letters. Every time the letters are exchanged for confused looks which is super comforting when sending mail over seas! And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous time I had sending the holiday letters this year (which I included a little notebook for the girls in). Anyways, luckily I know the rules, postage, etc to send letters so it usually turns into me teaching them how to do their job. If there’s anything I can say about sending large letters to sponsor children is to get to know postage before you go in. Most USPS clerks aren’t familiar with foreign mail other than to Canada or the UK so sponsor letters can really throw them off. If you’re a control freak, like myself, I suggest getting an account on USPS.com and printing the postage yourself. (Which I ended up doing for my holiday letters minus Cambodia which I was required to go into the post office to process. I wasn’t joking when I say it was an ordeal to send letters this year!!!) The labels aren’t cute but you usually end up saving a little on postage and you’ll have some ease in knowing it was done right! Anyways, now that this letter post got off on a rant about the post office…

Overall, it was a great little letter. I feel like Ingrid is really starting to grow up and I can see her personality more in her letters which I love! I remember when Ann started writing letters and it meant so much. You really get to know your sponsor child when they start writing. It’s wonderful!

Holiday Letters


It’s been awhile but I’m still here! I definitely got backed up on posts this holiday season plus I haven’t sent or received many letters lately. I do have a few letters from Ingrid that I’ll update you on next week though. Also, I sent out a Christmas themed letter at the beginning of November but forgot to take photos – ops! (I told you I was busy!) Anyways, I included some cute little foam cut outs from Target that were snowmen and ornament shapes, a snowman greeting card and some stickers for all of the kids as well. I told them that I look forward to writing soon with photos of snow but it has yet to snow more than a dusting this year! (Boo!) Hopefully, winter will actually kick in soon though.

Anyways, just wanted to make this quick post to update on what was going on in my world of sponsorship. Like I said, I have a few letters from Ingrid to share and also a letter I’m putting together right now for Mike’s birthday which is in February!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and great new year!!

Chris’s Letters : Four


My most recent letter was from Chris. It was short and sweet but like I always say, those are great as well! Chris actually wrote it himself so that was great! I love when the kids are old enough to write to me! Although I love hearing from their family, it’s even more special when I get to read the words right from them. Anyways, he thanks me for his most recent letter and says that it is currently rainy season. And to finish off the letter, I just noticed while writing this that the stickers on the page are some of the ones I sent him! I always send stickers and coloring pages for the kids and it always surprises me that they sometimes send them back on their letters (or color the pages for me). At first I got upset because I wanted them to keep the little things I sent them but over time I’ve come to realize that it’s such a kind act for them to send things back. It shows that they not only appreciate the things I send them but they also love to share and give back. Aw, have a mentioned how freaking awesome my little ones are?!

Chris’s Letters : Three


I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a good amount of letters from Chris to update about! This third letter came around the same time as the second and boy does Chris’ family like to write! Other than Beth, who is an adorable little chatter box, I think Chris’ family writes the most. I love it! Anyways, in this letter from his mother she writes about how he is still learning to write and in nursery school. She also says that he has four brothers and two sisters (if I’m reading it right). I also believe she meant three brothers because she then goes on to list the siblings but includes Chris in the description. So, I believe they have six children total. My spelling will probably be 100% incorrect but I believe the letter says :

  • Taxii Timohry is 23 years old and completed vocational school and is looking for a job
  • Timohry Nyombi is 20 years old and completed senior six bat(?) is still at home due to school fees
  • Nyiramugisha Cassy is 5(?) years old and in primary seven
  • Kato Ingishisuho is 3 years old and in middle (not sure what the word is following this)
  • Kato Ignithos and Kakuru Chrisestom (yes, Child Fund had been spelling his name incorrectly the whole time — I got a letter informing me of this recently) are the twins

She also mentions that their father’s name is Atanansi Mundanikure (oh, how I’ve probably spelled that completely wrong as well..) and that he is a stationary dealer and that she is a scrap dealer in a small town called Kiseuyi. (Google it. It’s terrifying.) Anyways, now that I just spent my afternoon looking up this small town… she finishes the letter by saying his favorite color is yellow and thanking me for choosing their family to help! Overall, a wonderful and informative letter! I couldn’t be happier!

Chris’s Letters : Two


After not hearing from Chris and his family for a while I was expecting to only get a letter here and there from then. Well, I was wrong! After his first letter, I got two additional ones right in a row. This letter was the second and included a general progress report similar to ones that I have gotten from my other kids. It mentions that he’d like to be a teacher when he grows up, that he likes drawing and that he likes to ride bikes! It also mentions that his family is healthy and doing well. The nice part about this letter is that it was from his mother, unlike the last which was from his father. It’s rare that I get to write to both parents so that was nice. But the best part was that I got two photos with this letter! I always love getting photos from the kids! It was great to not only see Chris but his mother and twin brother too! I still have yet to find out his name though! Either way, a great letter that made up for the misunderstanding (a little) in the previous letter!