Letters : Friendship Bracelets


I’ve been trying to think of new, fun things to send out for sponsor children and today I think I have a good one. It’s always important to think flat when shipping items to your sponsor child. Most organizations advice to only send flat envelopes (a little bulk is okay as long as it still bends) that are discrete. So, today I thought of a fun, easy thing that you (and/or your children) could make to send to your sponsor child.

Friendship bracelets are known all around the world. It’s always fun to see what different color combinations you can come up with as well. If you’re thinking about making some around a holiday then maybe play around with the major colors used for that celebration. Better yet, maybe you know your sponsor child’s favorite color! There’s so many different options for friendship bracelets. Here are some great tutorials on how to make them!

If you’ve even done this project or something similar for your sponsor child, share! Let me know and I’d love to share it with the other readers!

 photo spread-the-love-heart-pattern-friendship-bracelets_zps4dfa6847.jpeg

 photo friendship-bracelets_zps0f861a76.jpeg

 photo feather-friendship-bracelet-braided_zps32399eb3.jpeg

 photo diy-fastest-friendship-bracelet-ever_zps3621434e.jpeg

Additional articles : D.I.Y. friendship bracelet on CFCA

5 thoughts on “Letters : Friendship Bracelets

  1. Some of my kids I can’t send them too. (The ones sponsored with Compassion because you can only send paper items with them) but I have sent them to my World Vision girl… she sent me back a photograph with her wearing them :)

      • Yeah it’s great :) My friend went to Rwanda to visit her later and she was wearing a dress and necklace I’d sent before as well and her siblings all wore the necklaces I’d sent them. Oh and she had a hat I’d sent and a photo album I’d made her with her too. Really neat :)

  2. Love the step-by-step photography! Something I remember making back in the day as a child but it’s great to see it popping up again. These bracelets can be so chic to wear too!

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