Ann’s Letters : Eight


I am beyond excited today to write about the first letter Ann wrote me! You’re probably thinking, what?! Well, I’ve been receiving letters from Ann’s mother and other relatives for over a year now but just recently I received my first letter that was actually written by Ann! I was so excited!


So, what did it say? First, she talks about how she received her birthday letter. Although one of her cousins, or step-brother (there was some confusion about this?), told me she received it, it was still nice to actually hear it from her as well. She then goes to talk about how she has started her end of term holiday. Also, she mentions how she will then return to school to start grade three. (Their grades are obviously a little different than the US). She ends by saying that everyone at home is busy with gardening and preparing for crops. And, of course, at the end she drew me a few pictures!

I’m not sure really what to say. I’m so happy to finally hear from Ann! Back when I was deciding what child I wanted to sponsor, I knew I wanted an older child that I would actually be able to communicate with and one who would understand who I was. For the first year, it was difficult. I knew she was getting my letters but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed when I found out that she was unable to write to me and that her mother or other relatives would be writing for some time. So, this letter meant a lot to me! As for now, I’m working on putting together a small little reply to her! I don’t have much to say but I definitely need to let her know how proud I am that she wrote me!

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