Letters : A Quick Reply to Veasna


It may be odd to know this but I’ve never just written a letter to any of my sponsor children. I usually go all out with stickers, activities, color pages, you name it and then include a little letter along with the rest of the package. Well, after receiving Veasna’s first letter last week, I wanted to make sure I sent her a little something so she knew I got her letter. Seeing I just sent her a package last week, I found it to be a little overkill to send another big package. So, I decided to try out a letter. Just a letter. Of course, I can’t just write a letter, stick it in a boring envelope and let it go… so, I did a little something special for the front and letter head. I couldn’t help myself.

Anyways, the letter was a simple reply. I let her know that I heard from her and was happy that her and her family were all doing well. I commented on her future goals and also her drawings as well. Short and sweet but I felt like it was needed so she would know I have heard from her especially since I don’t plan on sending any more big packages to the kids for at least a month or two.

Overall, this simple letter got me thinking. I know as sponsors we like to send great packages but that’s not what sponsoring should be all about. It is also about the small, simple letters and moments too. I have recently started sponsoring some younger children 5-8 years old and plan to keep my letters light and simple for the most part but I think that with Veasna (11 in May) and Ann (10) that I will start to send letters with more content. So, I’m interested to see where I will go with this new idea and for their future letters but I think it’ll be fun and a nice change for Ann as well since she’s growing up!

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