Beth’s Letters : Four


So, as I mentioned in my last post, I got another letter from Beth and wow! This little girl has completely stolen my heart in just a few months! She may be the sweetest little person, ever! In her letter, she thanks me for the items I recently sent her in her first package. She also mentions how she just finished her first exams and how she has sent me a new photo. The best part about the photo? It’s her blowing up her birthday balloon! What a sweetie! I’m so happy to receive this photo! I usually get replies from the children stating that they receive my items but I’ve never gotten a photo of them with the items so this was extra special. The people who run her community center are definitely amazing and I am so grateful for them as well. She also mentions that her father is a fisherman and asks if I like to fish. How cute! I don’t fish anymore but I use to always go when I was little with my Grama so I definitely plan on digging out some old photos and sending her one!

Well, that was about it for this letter… Oh, wait… Except the fact that she sent me back a coloring page I sent her and said she loved me like little baby Jesus… Seriously, love this little girl beyond words!!!


3 thoughts on “Beth’s Letters : Four

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